Sunday, January 3, 2010

Easily one of the ugliest wins in history

Wow. That really sums up how I feel about the outcome of the Steelers-Ravens game last week. Steelers looked like their Terrible Selves (sorry Myron...not a compliment) but the big surprise was that the Ravens apparently decided to mail it in. At least, for once, Max Starks was not the most penalized person on the field.

It really pisses me off that Ray Rice ran for over 100 yards breaking the Steelers streak of not allowing a 100 yard runner. I'm not really one to get into stats, but I always liked that one. I also used to relish the winning streak against Cleveland. Ohio still blows ass.

Ziggy Hood looked great in action last week. He finally gets his first sack of his career, and surprisingly, his first interception. However, he definitely needs to work on his run stopping ability as he gets blown off of the line too often. I miss Aaron Smith.

I'm giving the Gaper to Max Starks. I liked Starks during his rookie season. However, his skills have improved marginally since then. The Steelers are paying him left tackle money when they should invest a first round pick into the position. He almost killed an entire drive on his own two weeks ago while giving up close to two thousand sacks against the Packers ROOKIE defensive end. His play last week was truly Offensive. He now deserves the moniker 'Offensive Lineman'. Hell, Ramon Foster is outplaying him right now.

Congratulations Max, I hate you.