Monday, August 31, 2009

The Diesel Resigns, Quarterbacks are Screwed.

Brett Keisel says, "Show me the money Bitches!"

Brett "The Diesel" Keisel has resigned with the Steelers for the next five years, or the remainder of his career, which ever comes first. I am ecstatic after hearing this news because I felt that The Diesel should have been an off season priority considering the lack of depth along the defensive line. Even with the addition of Hood, there is still not enough depth along the line, and losing Keisel at the end of the season would have been a travesty. Financial details of the deal were not available at the time of this posting, but I will post them when they become available.

In other news, last years starting right guard Darnell Stapleton has been placed on the Injured Reserve list, ending his season. Apparently He had arthroscopic surgery on his knee to remove loose cartilage during the preseason, which was supposed to sideline him for about three or four weeks. However, the knee hasn't responded the way the training staff would have hoped. Not sure of the affect this will have on the offensive line. Stapleton was playing center during training camp when Hartwig showed up with a busted big toe from constant pirouetting. He has since returned to practice and is continuing to hold in the endzone. It looks like Trai Essex will step in to replace Stapleton for the season, barring any injury.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Steelers on YouTube

I was messing around on YouTube one day at work, and found the following video:

So I instantly contacted the maker, YouTube moniker Brin7, and asked if he would start making new videos that I could post on this blog. What I would like to do is have a new video for every game that I can throw in along with an obviously superior recap. Well, Brin7 got back to me the other day with a link to a new video. True to form, here it is:

This is great stuff. If you would like to see more videos from Brin7 on this site, contact the user here: Brin7

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Isaac Redman Next No Name Back

Well, StillersBlog has just relocated to Boston, Massachusetts. The first thing that struck me when I arrived was how much these people need an NFL education. First off, Tom Brady still sucks. Secondly, six Lombardies are greater than three, that's just simple math. Finally, the Bruins suck too.

Anyway, let's hit some stuff that I've missed the past couple of days.

First of all, Max Starks can eat it. My nickname for Starks, Max "I haven't produced for what I'm paid" Starks. Isaac Redman is an undrafted rookie free agent trying to make the Steelers 53 man roster. Redman played at Bowie State in college, where ever the hell that is. But, he does have a 10 minute highlight clip:

StillersBlog = Shocked I just found Bowie State:

Not exactly in the middle of nowhere as I had expected. Anyway, Redman had a fairly successful career while at Bowie State.

RUSHING G Att Yds TD Lg Avg/C Avg/G
2004................ 9 67 425 4 60 6.3 47.2
2005................ 12 281 1512 12 99 5.4 126.0
2007................ 7 157 825 13 55 5.3 117.9
2008................ 6 108 538 6 56 5.0 89.7
TOTAL............... 34 613 3300 35 99 5.4 97.1

Redman's career numbers at B-State are not too bad. He averaged almost 100 yards rushing and a touchdown in every single game he played. And if you took the 10 minutes to watch his highlight video, he definitely has game breaking potential.

Even though Tomlin is currently trying to cool down the talk about Redman (Tomlin could tell an iceberg to chill, and it would.) I am personally getting excited about Isaac. Pittsburgh has been waiting for the next Bus for a couple of years now, and while I'm not saying that it's Redman, Mendenhall, or Summers, I would like to see one of these guys breakout this year.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Burress in Giant Mess

911: "This is 911, what's your emergency?"
PB: "Does being a moron count as an emergency?"
911: "Not exactly sir."
PB: "Well then...uh...I've been shot."
911: "Did you get a good look at the assailant sir? Do you know who it was?"
PB: "Yeah, I've got a pretty good idea. Do you really need to know who it was?"

This offseason has seen plenty of off field issues being debated and resolved, and here is another one. Plaxico Burress needs no introduction to Steelers fans, but here is a little background anyway. Burress was the Steelers #1 draft pick in 2000, the eighth overall, from Michigan State. Burress went on to play five years with the Steelers, amassing 261 receptions for 4,164 yards, 22 touchdowns, and only six fumbles over the span of 71 games.

In 2005 Burress decided to sellout, and signed a six year, 25 million dollar contract with the New York Giants. Plaxico has experienced much success since signing with the Giants. He quickly became Eli Manning's number one receiver, and has since won a Superbowl. (Steelers have since won two, but who's counting?)

Now to the controversy. Burress accidentally shot himself in the right thigh while at a Manhattan nightclub in late November 2008. He was carrying a gun in the waistband of his sweatpants, and believe it or not, the gun began to slide down his leg. When he went to grab it, he accidentally shot himself in the thigh. To add to the idiocy of the whole situation, Burress never bothered to register his firearm, nor obtain the necessary permits to carry a concealed weapon in the state of New York. A New York grand jury has now indicted him on weapons charges which carries a minimum sentence of 3 1/2 years if found guilty.

I have some suggestions for things that Plaxico can try to lighten the jail time he surely will be facing soon. He can call up his buddy Donte Stallworth and ask him exactly how he circumnavigated the law. After all, Donte only spent 20 some days in jail for vehicular manslaughter. Maybe he can try to market his public service announcement to dissuade youngsters from carrying firearms.

Or maybe Plaxico can plea for temporary insanity, because you would have to be insane to think that carrying a firearm in the waistband of your sweatpants into a place where people are dancing around and alcohol is flowing freely is a good idea. Seriously, how about at least tightening up the drawstring Plaxico? I would say to put the gun in your pocket, but that's just a damned stupid idea.

At any rate, I don't believe Burress will be seeing the football for a long time to come. More details on the case as they develop.