Monday, August 30, 2010

Cuts are Looming...Who's Ass is Outta Here?

The 53-man roster cuts are due into the league soon.  Last night was pretty much the last chance for young guys to make an impression on the Steelers' coaching staff.  First, who looked like dog shit?

Dennis Dixon - Dixon had an incredibly disappointing night.  I've been riding high on the Dixon-wagon since the beginning of training camp...and was very excited to see him with the starters last night.  Well, that excitement ended with his end zone interception.  That was probably one of the dumbest decisions I've seen since the other number ten slung the ball around.  I can't help but find it ironic that Dixon's number is now 10, because that's how he played last night.  He showed flashes of good play in the midst of stupid decisions and running around like Fran Tarkington.  The only thing that Dixon didn't do, which the other number ten was infamous for, was making out with the head coach.  Tomlin must be more homophobic than Cowher.  In any event, I believe Dixon lost the starting job to Baby Face last night.  Note, Baby Face did nothing last night to earn the job.

Flozell Adams - The "Hotel" looked like shit.  Seriously, how hard can it be to go from left to right tackle?  It's practically the same damn position, only the right tackle has less pressure and responsibility than the left.  Let's just face it, this is probably going to be another year of "offensive" play from the line.

Keenan Lewis - What a moron.  Two personal foul penalties, and multiple plays where he was violated worse than a Roethlisberger prom date.  This guy was suppose to be in contention for a starting roster spot, and with McFadden out last night it was Lewis's shot to prove it.  Fail.  McFadden must have been delighted, even when Lewis punched through a glass display case.  That really impressed Tomlin.  As the players passed the broken glass Tomlin said to everyone, "That's what you call young and dumb right there.  Watch your step No. 23 is playing bad and doing stupid stuff as well."  Rough.  Is one game possibly enough to make up for that idiocy?  We'll see.

Antonio Brown - Fielding a punt at the two yard line?  Are you kidding?  Brown would have been a lock to make the roster if he had performed last night in the returning game.  Unfortunately for Brown, he did not.  The Steelers love him at receiver, along with Emmanuel Sanders, but he is on the bubble now.  I think that they will probably opt for the established returner in Stefan Logan, so Thursday could be Brown's last in a Steelers uniform.  Maybe.

Baby Face - Baby Face went 0 for 4 on passing before being benched in favor of Charlie Batch.  I think at this point, after Dixon's major suckage, Tomlin was just pissed, and wanted SOMEBODY to not suck a chode.  Like I said earlier, Baby Face didn't do anything to earn a job last night...Dixon may have lost it.  

Who didn't rock chode like it was their job?

Jonathan Dwyer - Now I appreciate that he was going up against the third and fourth string Bronco's defense, but that's still akin to...say...the Cleveland starting defense.  Obviously the forty yard romp, which seemed like it was being aired in slow motion, stuck in my mind.  However, an earlier play on that same drive is what really hit me as something special.  Dwyer took the ball, and the entire defense, for ten to twelve yards.  If that were Willie Parker, then count it as a one yard gain, because that's when the entire defense converged.  Dwyer took that pile and moved it another ten yards.  That was impressive.

Mike Wallace -  This guy is easily dispelling the worries about his abilities to carry the second receiver spot.  Against the first team defense, which is actually pretty good, Wallace had three receptions for 59 yards in very limited action.  A Ward-Holmes-Wallace grouping would have been terrific, but the top two, at least, are shaping up well.  I would expect Randle-El to pick up the third spot with either Sanders or Battle in the fourth.

Charlie Batch - Well, as far as Charlie Batch can have a good day.  He's not getting the starting job.  In fact, he may get cut by the end of the week.

Maurkice Pouncey - Pouncey played solidly in his first start.  He made a couple of miss calls, but a little experience should take care of that.  More importantly, he did not get blown off of the line on passing plays, and moved the nose tackle around on running plays.  This job belongs to him now...goodbye Hartwig.

Here are a couple of guys on the bubble that REALLY need to perform on Thursday night:

1.  Keenan Lewis - Get it right this time.  At this point you can only help yourself.
2.  Stefan Logan - Make a play.  Antonio Brown is breathing down your neck.
3.  Antonio Brown - Make a play.  Stefan Logan is breathing down your neck.
4.  Dennis Dixon - Last chance to state your case.  Don't give the job to Baby Face.
5.  Jonathan Dwyer - Another game like the last and you're on the roster.
6.  Limas Sweed - Oh, wait...nevermind.
7.  Crezdon Bulter - Had a pick against Tebow.  Play well and you'll get a roster spot.
8.  William Gay - Also had a pick.  Probably not going to get a starting spot after last year.  Excellent play in the next game may get him more time on the field.  As of right now he took over the departed Townsend's nickel duties.
9.  Justin Hartwig - You sir, are in danger of being cut.  Doug Legursky is better than anyone expected, and he's doing it at more than half of your salary.
10.  Ziggy Hood - Everyone is screaming about your practice abilities.  Translate that to the field.

That's all for now.  I'll thrown down some more knowledge soon.

Cleveland Sucks  

Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh how I hate Brett Favre

What a treat...a double dose of poor literary skills and sub-par analysis today!  I forgot to add this into my initial post regarding quarterback situations I'm tired of hearing of.  I'm not quite sure of how I could POSSIBLY forget, because if there is one quarterback in the NFL that I never want to hear anything about again it's Brett Favre.

I'm sure everyone has heard by now, but again, Brett Favre has unretired.  If this situation had a Vegas line attached to it the odds would have been 3:2 in favor of unretiring.  All in all I believe this is the 1,000th time the guy has come back after saying he was done.  However, this was the first time that he framed it the way he did (which I love, by the way).  Three years ago he retired and came back to the Packers because he wasn't done playing yet.  Two years ago he retired and came back because he wanted to move to a team which could contend for a championship.  (His ideal choice was Minnesota, but the Packers were not going to have that.  They traded his flippant ass to the Jets.)  Ironic, a sans-Favre Packers are now a championship contending team.  Last year Methuselah retired and came back in order to get traded to the Vikings.  Again, ironic a sans-Favre Jets are now a championship contender.  Now what?  He's already where he wanted to go three years ago...still cannot make it to the super bowl...and at 41 million years old he's not getting any younger.

There's really only one way to feign retirement and not look like an asshole for four years in a row.  Wow.  Brett, you are such a great guy and not a prima donna piece of shit.  This wasn't a selfish move at all, but a favor to a couple of buddies...and their million fans.  Apparently a group of Vikings went down to Mississippi and asked him to come back as a favor to the locker room.  They probably went down to his home/children's cancer center in Mississippi/Heaven and begged Brett to play one more year.  I imagine it would go something like this:

Dumbass team members:  "Please, please pretty please Brett?  Can you possibly find time in between all of the puppy petting and baby kissing and dream saving to do us this tiny little favor?"
Brett Master Flex:  "Even though I'm older than most rock formations, and have been beaten to the point where I'm now punchy, I will do you guys this favor.  I love my teammates.  I love you.  Look, I just turned your water into wine."
DTM:  "Oh shit!  You did just turn our water into wine.  Jesus?"
BMF:  "Come on guys, don't insult me like that.  I'm Brett Favre."  

BMF:  "Consider this though boys...Jesus was a carpenter.  I'm the spokesman for a brand of jeans.  Carpenters wear jeans."
DTM:  "We want to blow you."

Fuck Brett Favre.

Unimpressed with all this Quarterback Talk

We are currently on the eve of the second preseason game and the talk of the town is whether or not to-be suspended quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will start against the Giants.  I've read article after article debating the pros and cons of starting Ben tomorrow night and while reading these articles the only thought running through my head is...who cares?

Seriously, who the hell cares if Ben starts?  Why should we care?  After all, it is a preseason game...meaning I don't care if the Steelers win or lose.  If I don't care if the Steelers win, I certainly don't care who starts the game.  Now, don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to seeing Roethlisberger on the field using his athletic ability to do something other than getting "laid" in Georgia.  I'm going to sit in the bar and thoroughly enjoy the twelve plays he is involved in.  But I'm not going to take that production and try to predict what his regular season stats will be.  You watch, that will be the next media oppressive step. 

Continuing the quarterback talk, there are plenty of articles and questions flying around whether or not Dixon should be given a chance to truly compete for the starting job based on his performance in last Saturday's game.  I think Dixon is not really getting a true look thus far.  Baby Face Leftwich was brought in the moment the Steelers  found out that Roethlisberger was going to be suspended, and since then he has received the majority of the snaps with the starters in OTA's and training camps.  Two things strike me when thinking about Baby Face starting the first four games of the season.  

One, as Tony the Tool so impressively pointed out, Baby Face is not mobile.  In fact, he is so slow I'm pretty sure he would lose in a footrace to Casey Hampton.  That is definitely a detriment considering that the "offensive" line will be even more porous than usual as they get used to playing together.  (No, this doesn't happen during training camp.)  Dixon certainly has the advantage here as he ran the spread offense in Oregon...and quite well.  Remember, he was a Heismen Trophy candidate before he was injured his senior year.  

Two, Baby Face just has not looked sharp in training camp or in last week's game, or so I've heard.  Leftwich has not been hitting receivers on time, and is taking too long to make decisions.  He was brought back as part of the 2011 reunion tour because he knew Arians' offense and it was thought that the offense would suffer less under him than someone new to the system.  However, even with all this Arians' offense knowledge, Baby Face still is not looking impressive.  Is it possible that he has become complacent because he knows the starting job is his, and his only for four weeks?  Possibly.  I'm not saying Dixon is making quicker decisions in the pocket, the opposite in fact, but he does have the added dimension of running the ball.  Naturally Arians is NOT a fan of this.  After all, a quarterback running around can only mean the breakdown of his perfectly tuned offense.  Just ask Ben. 

Also, what the hell happened to Charlie Batch.  I had to check his Wikipedia page just to be sure that he was still alive.  Batch has been included in the starting job discussion with the same frequency as Bubby Brister...who I am still waiting to hear back from regarding the playing card.  You only hear about Batch now in relation to the imminent owner lockout next year.  That would lead me to ask, why are they keeping him on the roster?  Why not just officially make him an assistant quarterback coach, as that's all he's been for the past three years.  Give his roster spot to a quarterback who could actually compete for the job...maybe...Bubby Brister.  Just saying.

"Heinz" Ward is pushing for Dixon.

"If Dennis is out there, you'd like to get him some more playing time.  Consider the game he had in Baltimore.  He practiced a little bit.  But there were some things we couldn't run because he didn't know all the plays.  So I would like to get some more reps with Dennis.  Plus, I love Stillers Blog."

While I cannot disagree with how Heinz ends all of his media comments, I certainly cannot disagree with the point he brought up.  Dixon was incredible during the game against Baltimore last season.  He was stellar, and just tripped up at the end with the interception in overtime.  It was a tough loss, but I certainly gained confidence in Dixon that day.  So did, apparently, Heinz.


One final thought...I dare you to tell me that this isn't a Baby Face:

This is a baby face...and Cleveland Sucks.

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Preseason for Everybody

Thank GOD it's only the preseason right now.  I'm clearly not in midseason form.  I missed watching the game due to circumstances completely beyond my control.  In place of reviewing and discussing the game (of which I saw not a second) I'll take you on a journey which will effectively absolve me from any guilt and blame over the missed game.

The location was Erie, Pennsylvania, and the venue just happened to be an old roommate's wedding.

12:00 PM.  My friend (who shall be known as Guy) and I, who are both friends of the happy groom, arrive at the church to watch the ceremony.  It was nice.  (Side bar:  Why don't weddings start incorporating Nickelodean GAK?  That would be badass.)

1:00 PM.  The wedding is now over, but the reception doesn't start for another hour.  Obviously the only choice here is to go to the bar next door.  Guy and I sit down and order a couple of Yuenglings.  The lines are filthy, the beer tastes like tainted ass.  I ask for another, it tastes marginally better, we decide to push through the pain.

1:50 PM.  Several beers later we realize it's time to leave...after all...there is an open bar at the reception.  Guy orders one more and closes his tab.  He says that he can easily finish his beer before I can finish mine.  Challenge...accepted.  I order another.

1:52 PM.  Much bullshitting going on right now.  Guy talks himself up, the bartender agrees to be the impartial judge.  Game on.  In the middle of the pint race the sleeze-ass bartender goes, "WHOA!!".  This makes me giggle a manly giggle.  I subsequently lose the race.  I call interference on the ref.  Who the shit says "Whoa!!"?  I'm pissed.  Guy won't shut the hell up.

2:15 PM.  We arrive fashionably late and sit at a random table with three older couples and their friendly daughter.  Her tattoos are impressive...I refuse to show her mine.

2:16 PM.  I meet up with my arch nemesis...the open bar.  A monumental struggle ensues.

4:00 PM.  Struggle is still ensuing.  We are meeting up with a lot of old friends from college.  I see most of them through the bottom of an empty pint glass.

6:00 PM.  Fwhaha!  I have slain my arch nemesis and I am the victor.  Our group decides to take this victory and celebrate next the brewery.

6:15 PM.  These old ladies sitting at a table are very cordial.  One of them said I look like her son...then she bought be a beer.  Mixed signals here...maybe she's from Cleveland.  The beer is top notch though.

6:40 PM.  Guy is talking more shit about my pint race loss earlier.  The only solution is to man up and prove my interference claims were valid.  Failure.  I lose again.  Guy must be some kind of professional swallower of liquids.  He ridicules me over giggling, I contest that a man can giggle.  The old ladies agree.

7:10 PM.  Amidst my victory over the open bar celebration, someone suggests a change of venue is in order.  We all agree, old ladies included, and proceed to walk down State Street to another bar.  (Side bar:  For some reason this trek was made without shoes.  I don't know why, but the bouncer at the next bar insisted that we put our shoes back on.  Fascist.)

7:40 PM.  Change of bars was a great call.  We end up meeting the groom there...I'm not entirely sure he's so proud and/or impressed with my slaying of his open bar.  Guy is in equally fine shapes...I doubt we get invited to the next big party.

7:50 PM.  I look at the glass I'm holding.  I am somehow drinking this blue cocktail that I didn't order and I KNOW I didn't pay for.  Mysteries ensue.  I try to give it to a friend's wife...she smells it and instantly dies of alcohol poisoning.  Whoever got me the drink must have hated me.  Wait, Guy has one too.  Maybe it was the groom.

8:10 PM.  I pay my tab and look out onto the street.  I see a black dog walking down State Street, so naturally I walk outside to investigate.  I peer up and down the street, no dog.  I then walk down the street for a little dog.  However, now I don't know where I am.  Luckily, I can see another bar, and walk in.

8:12 PM.  Definitely not the bar from before.  I do not know anyone, and the old lady hooking me up with alcohol is gone.  However, I'm still flushed with enthusiasm from my victory.  Celebration number three begins.

10:00 PM.  I decide it's time to meet up with my group of friends.  I leave the bar and start walking up a street, but not necessarily the correct street.  At this point I need to apologize to someone in Erie who drives a car.  You drove home that night with my friend's reception dinner all over your back window.  My bad.

10:12 PM.  I'm pretty sure I somehow walked to Pittsburgh.  Nothing looks familiar, and I'm starting to get a little sleepy.  I happen across this flowerbed which is up against a building.  Perfect cover?  You bet.  I mulch out.

8:15 AM.  The next day.  I wake up to find myself scratched all to hell.  (Note to the readers: this is what happens when you sleep in a pile of mulch.)  I check my pockets to be sure I wasn't rolled by a bum.  Valuables, but not necessarily pride, intact I call up Guy.  We carpooled and need to get back to Boston.

9:00 AM.  Finally get Guy on the phone.  He doesn't know where he is...just near a grape vine.  Turns out Guy is in New York, about fifty minutes away from Erie.  The wait ensues.

10:30 AM.  Guy shows up at the gas station I'm waiting at.  Turns out at 2 AM he takes off trying to find a Wendy's.  He wants a "BJ and a JBC."  Unsuccessful.  He ends up passed out in his still running car.  Clearly this Guy needs to learn some self-control and moderation.  That's what I think.

10:31 AM.  Departure to Boston.  

So you all see why I cannot be held at fault for missing the first preseason game.  This is a situation that if you found yourself in, I doubt you would have handled any differently.

Cleveland Sucks.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Isaac Redman is Still Awesome

I read an article today from TribLive which discussed Isaac Redman and his chances of making the final 53-man roster this year.  Now, I've already written a piece on Redman WAY back in 2009, and it was exquisite.  Now, I still believe that he could be an amazing short yardage back, and couldn't quite figure out why he didn't make the roster last year especially considering he led the team in touchdowns in the preseason.  The article I read today shed some light on the subject.

Apparently, according to the article, Redman showed up last year to training camp "in less than stellar football shape".  Now, I wasn't sure what that meant so I didn't understand the severity of the situation.  The following photo reveals exactly what "less than stellar football shape" really means:

Oh, OK, I get it now.  In fact, this is what Kirby('s Adventure) Wilson had to say about Redman coming into camp last year, "It was really bad, one of the all-time worst of a guy not being in football shape but he hung in there.  It happens every year, all across the National Football League, guys don't understand there's in shape and there's football in shape.  It's totally different."  I'll have to agree with Wilson because the above photo of Big Snack isn't exactly what I would consider "in shape", so he must be "in football shape", which is to say...round.

Anyway, Redman impressed everyone in training camp last year by sticking it out and performing not only in camp, but also in the few preseason games in which he got to play.  This season he is impressing the shit out of everyone again.  According to a personal interview I conducted with my best friend Heinz Ward (I'm aware of the spelling, I like it better that way.) "He's really stood out this year.  His blocking ability, pass protection you always see him on the tape, coach Tomlin highlights that."  That means that not only can Redman fill in as the short yardage back the Steelers have been missing for YEARS, but also can double as a fullback.  Well, that would be useful except for the fact that Arians doesn't use a fullback.

Speaking of Arians, after my personal interview with Heinz, I spoke with Arians about Redman.

Me:  "Bruce, my man, what do you think about Redman?
BA:  "He's got enough strength and size to play fullback and also be a short-yardage, goal-line runner."
Me:  "But you rarely utilize fullbacks, opting for singleback/spread formations."
BA:  "Only because Carey Davis was a pussy.  Redman could prove to be a decent fullback."    
Me:  "OK, guy, any final thoughts on Redman?"
BA:  "Yes, thank you for asking good buddy. By the way, your blog rockz my nutz.  I pronounced it with z's to emphasize the intensity of my nutz getting rocked(z).  You sir, are amazing."
Me:  "Take it easy Bruce.  Curb the man love here."
BA:  "It's difficult, but I'll try.  Back to Redman...He's got great hands, so the sky's the limit for the kid.  When his opportunity comes, what do you do with it?  No one ever thought Barry Foster would be Barry Foster until he got the ball."
Me:  "Good point.  Are you saying Redman is the next Barry Foster?"
BA:  "Yeah, dumbass."
Me:  "And you find it OK that his name is not politically correct?  You know, being 18.6% Cherokee and 91% Caucasian, I find his last name very offensive.  Kind of like your offensive line."
BA:  "Low blow.  I still love your blog."

Some of that interview was fabricated for entertainment purposes, but seriously, my blog really does rock his nutz.

I like "Redzone" Redman.  (I didn't pick that nickname...I think it blows.)  I liked him last year, and think even more of his abilities this season.  He's not Jerome Bettis, but I'm sure he's not Willie Parker either.  So what are the chances of him making the final roster at the end of the preseason?  Better than average, I would say.  Basically he's competing with Jonathan Dwyer for a roster spot.  Now, I do like Dwyer, but he has been under-performing in camp thus far.  I suppose that Frank the Tank is still in the mix, but Summers has been a pretty big disappointment so far in his career.  (Especially when you have a nickname like that.)  Plus, he's not as good of a blocker as Redman anyway.

I see the final roster kind of like this:

Starting HB:  Mendenhall
Second HB:  Moore
Third HB:     Dwyer
HB/FB:        Redman

But I guess I'll need to see some game action before finalizing this.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dick LeBeau could kill Chuck Norris

I'm not sure what to write about Dick LeBeau that has not already been written about the man this week.  He's finally going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend, and rightfully so.  The man was an amazing player, is an amazing coach, but few people are aware of his other exploits.

For example, did you know that Dick LeBeau "starred" as Michael Caine's double in a movie called "Too Late the Hero" shot in 1970?  Seriously.  I even found the original promotional poster to the movie:

Pretty impressive.  I heard he won an Oscar for his portrayal of Michael Caine's double.  Additionally, I would completely describe LeBeau as a rip-snorting he-man on a top-notch adventure.  You know, you just don't hear rip-snorting enough now-a-days.     

Every Christmas season Dick will recite "The Night Before Christmas" to all of the players.  That's something else.  I have a hard time believing the players sit there enthralled by LeBeau's recitation, but apparently I am wrong.

Not just anyone can keep a group of A.D.D. plagued professional athletes at attention the way LeBeau can clearly do it.  

Dick's exploits do not end there either.  Here are some other things that people may not know about Dick LeBeau:

1.  Dick LeBeau once consumed an entire bottle of sleeping pills.  They made him blink...once.
2.  Dick LeBeau eats steak at every meal, but he sometimes forgets to kill the cow.
3.  He once got into an argument with Chuck Norris.  LeBeau cut his throat with Bill Cowher's jaw bone.
4.  Dick LeBeau was what Willis was actually talking about.
5.  Dick won the 1983 World Series of Poker despite holding only a Joker, a "Get out of Jail Free Card", a two of clubs, seven of spades, and a Wild Draw Four Uno card.
6.  Lightning never strikes in the same place twice because Dick LeBeau is looking for it.
7.  The opening scenes from the movie Saving Private Ryan are loosely based off of the Zone Blitz scheme.
8.  Dick LeBeau can successfully drown a fish.
9.  Paul Hogan is Dick LeBeau's long lost little brother.  LeBeau taught him everything he knows.

10.  I hate cats.  I had to name one LeBeau just so I could stand to look at it.
11.  Brett Kiesel is really Dick LeBeau in disguise.

12.  Dick's computer does not have a Recycle Bin.  He deleted it.
13.  LeBeau won Jumanji without ever saying the name.  He simply beat the living shit out of everything the game threw at him until it quit.
14.  The United States of ah-MER-i-kah could save billions by eliminating the Army and installing the Zone Blitz.
15.  Dick LeBeau eats soup with a fork, and drinks milkshakes with straws made from Ohians he personally killed.
16.  If Superman and the Flash were to get into a foot race the winner would be Dick LeBeau.
17.  The Zone Blitz is the reason Eli Manning is such a pussy.
18.  Police label any non-Steelers QB as a 45-11...a suicide.
19.  Dick LeBeau successfully installed Windows 7 on his etch-a-sketch.
20.  Dick LeBeau broke the land speed record on a bicycle that was missing it's chain, back tire, and one foot pedal.

Side bar:  Do a Google Image search on "Dick LeBeau".  Scroll down to the prominent 24th page.  What do you see?  To lazy to look?  Fine.  Here:


Google clearly wants me and LeBeau to become best of friends.  Why else would my logo be there?  So in an effort to gain LeBeau's friendship, I'm going to add to his Wikipedia page.  I'm going to add some of these facts to his "Personal Life" section and add my blog as the reference.  Let's see how long it says.

Here is an image of my LeBeau additions to Wikipedia.  The time is 12:35 on Friday afternoon, August 6th.  

Cleveland Sucks...The only good thing in Ohio is Dick LeBeau on Saturday afternoon.

Monday, August 2, 2010

My first Hate Mail!!

Yeah, I've arrived as a blogger.  I recently received an email from an individual dubbed "Pound Dawg" (more on the name later) and this is what "Pound" has to say about my amazingness...

My first thought while reading this is that clearly this guy isn't from Cleveland.  I can tell because he seems quasi-literate and he uses words that contain more than one syllable.  I'm impressed Dawg, and that isn't easy.  Let's look at this email in pieces.

First, you are not disappointed with the low standard of writing among Steelers fans.  Awesome.  However, you are reading, aren't you?  Instead of enjoying a nice reach around or whatever you inbreds do in Cleveland, you are walking to the one public library that has a computer in the city, and you are reading my blog.  I'm pretty sure you'll continue to read too.  I can just see your face turn red as you read my completely objective response to your email.  For the record, I don't even have to be convinced that the Steelers are the best, the only requisite for blogging is an intense hatred of Cleveland.  Douche.

I can taste the envy in your email Dawg.  What does Pittsburgh have to offer?  I can tell you there aren't that many Pirates fans.  However, the real question is what can you find in Cleveland that can't be found anywhere else in the world?  Two things; (1) the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, (2) a million fans of less than mediocre sports teams and more than common sodomy.  The Super Bowl envy shines through as well.  I won't even address it.  To your comments on Roethlisberger, well, StillersBlog is not a Roethlisberger homer, so I'll give you that one.  Unfortunately you were able to make a point there, but it was the only one.

It seems to you that what Pittsburgh excels at is making excuses?  Please.  I don't think there is a bigger collection of bitches than in the city of Cleveland.  Come on.  We're talking about a city that has been owned more times than Ben Linus from Lost.  I absolutely love that the collective sports hopes in Cleveland were on LeBron James, and he pretty much said, "F##k it.  This place sucks my nuts.  I'm headed to Miami."  Actually, that was a direct quote.  I can't say as though I blame him.  He must be extra pissed to have been born into that cesspool as well.  

"If only they would spend as much time getting better maybe they'd be able to challenge Cleveland."  Classic. Pound Dawg, you are a delusional individual.  What in the hell does Cleveland excel at?  Well, they're pretty good at getting top ten draft picks each year.  I'll admit that.  They are also GREAT at blowing those picks each year.  I guess Pittsburgh could try to compete in that area, but I'd rather them draft near the bottom of each round, as they tend to do.

Honestly Pound Dawg, I'm not sure why you even sent me an email.  I promised a friend I would stop calling people retarded on this blog, but if I hadn't...well...  

Please feel free to write back.  I want to read more of your delusional bullshit.

Cleveland Sucks....Pound Dawg swallows.