Friday, January 28, 2011

Super Bowl.

Ever had a hard time starting something back up after a break?  Yeah.  Unfortunately for both of my avid readers, real-life caught up to me for a while.  However, I would like both of you to know that I have decided to shirk my real-life responsibilities, and concentrate on what is really important.  Steelers' Super Bowl.  You hear that real-life?  You can suck my magnificent dick.  ON TO THE SUPER BOWL!!

But first...

I have about nine weeks of Gaper Awards to give out.  Fuck it.  They all go to that blathering assclown Rex Ryan.  Would you like to know the best part regarding the AFC Championship game?  When me and a bar full of Patriots fans were all cheering..."Fuck you, Rex Ryan".  I know someone who isn't disappointed to see Rex de-feeted.

Yeah, that shit's real.  More excellent Super Bowl Coverage to follow.

Rex Ryan Sucks...But Cleveland Sucks Rex Ryan

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