Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm behind. Deal with it.

I am officially three games behind with my informative, insightful, and possibly divine comments.  So, I'll do a quick recap of the Bengals and Patriots games, then talk about the Raiders game in a second post.

The Steelers did well against the Bengals, even if they almost gave up the game at the end.  I was seeing flashbacks to last year when the defense lost every game in the fourth quarter.  However, LeBeau devised just enough stops to win the game.  One of the dynamics I liked watching was between Chad JOHNSON and Owens.  JOHNSON was held without a catch for 75% of the game, and the camera kept filming him...pouting on the sideline like a bitch.  I knew the Owens pickup for Cincinnati wouldn't work...but now I'm glad that it's killing JOHNSON inside.  He get's the Gaper Award for being completely replaceable.

Heinz Ward impressions will not make you a good football player...dumbass.

Short and sweet for the Bengals...even shorter for the Patriots.  I had the displeasure of sitting in a New England bar while simultaneously getting embarrassed thoroughly by William Gay.  I think one of the worst things about the whole situation was that every Patriots "fan" in the bar that night was a chode.  Nothing but a bunch of fleece wearing metrosexuals who were all more interested in their fantasy team's score than the actual score.  It wasn't until the end that they opened their dick receptacles and started talking shit.  Apparently they knew it was the end of the game when their fantasy stats stopped updating.  So thank you, William Gay, for playing so terribly that I had to slink out of a bar.  

 You couldn't cover a receiver with a blanket.  

Special shout out to Jeff Reed!  See you in the unemployment line.

Cleveland Sucks.

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