Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Guess Warren Sapp Can Shut the Hell Up

I've never liked Warren Sapp.  I have always found him to be obnoxious, overbearing, and drastically misinformed for a football "analyst".  When he played, sure he was a good tackle for about a year, but he could never keep is gaping mouth shut.  Always getting in fights with a good commissioner, man I miss Paul Tagliabue, fighting on the field, fighting with the other team during warmups, and I'm pretty sure he even picked a fight with Christopher Reeves after the horse.  

Well Warren, enjoy your foot, assbag.  This dickpickle lambasted the Steelers' defense after their embarrassing loss to the Ravens for being too old and slow.  A 24-0 victory over the piss poor Seahawks is enough to shut even his mouth...if only for a week, or a day, or even one fucking hour would be sweet.

Whatever happened to commentary that was based on facts and solid analysis?  Now you turn on ESPN, or the NFL Network, or read Sports Illustrated, and they are all flooded with idiots like Sapp.  Former players who can't let the spotlight go, but are quite unsuited for their current position.  I blame the likes of  Dan Marino, Phil Simms, Chris Collinsworth, etc. because they are former players who are actually good commentators.  They actually watch game tapes, talk to players, and it shows in their work.  Warren Sapp?  Not so much.  He just talks, and talks, and talks, until the point where I want to punch him right in his dickhole.

Sapp was probably just pissed that Heinz Ward won Dancing with the Stars, and Sapp is just a fuck.
-Cleveland Sucks-

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